Vânia Cristina Delgado, Lawyer Vânia Cristina Delgado, Lawyer


Vânia Cristina Delgado, Lawyer

At the age of 22 I finished my Law degree at the University of Minho. In that same year I started the specialization in Contracts and Cooperation Law. In January 2009 I started my training as a lawyer in a law firm in Braga, and I've been working as a lawyer ever since.

Throughout these ten years of practice I have been doing courses and some specializations in related areas, such as, the trainer course (certified by the IEFP), the trainer course specialized in Gender Equality, specialization as Auditor / Consultant in Gender Equality, and the "European Business Law" course taught by the University of Lunds, Sweden.

I'm based in the center of Braga, but I work throughout the country as a lawyer and trainer, as well as in the international field in the expansion and internationalization of companies.

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